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Dr. Sharon Paltin works at a clinic here in Laytonville. She's had quite the advertures, traveling to Iceland (pictured), helping out at Woodstock (the Woodstock), and assisting the Seva Foundation in Nepal and India to bring eye health to local populations.

Dr. Sharon Paltin in Reykjavik


The Seva Foundation "works with local communities around the world to develop self-sustaining programs and preserve and restore sight." ...Mission Statement from seva.org... 

The Seva Foundation LogoThe positive effects of Seva's work goes beyond eye health. It opens doors to participation in the workplace, schools and lifting up the community in general. We appreciate Dr. Paltin's work; we can help spread the word.






Our new schedule is out and looking good, but we do still have some slots open. If at any time in your life you have ever thought about voicing what you have to say, via the music and/ or commentary. This is the place you have been searching for.

If there is any social or militaristic or political views you feel have never been addressed accordingly,, or at least not the way YOU think they should be???? Again,, this is the place for you. Attitudes, not ego's. are not only accepted but encouraged. Or ,,, just spin the hits. Give us a call at 707.984.4196, or E mail us at kd@kpfn.org.


This broadcast comes from Democracy Now! on 9/8. Find more videos and articles on their page.

Native Voice One also reports the latest.

ATTENTION Anyone from Standing Rock can call the station at anytime day or night and go "Live" directly at the moment they call. We will interrupt any regular scheduled show in progress to air the call, 24/7. Also, we accept collect calls from inmates or those incarcerated from this situation. Call us 707.984.4196.