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Just to bring everyone back up to snuff, on what's happening with KPFN going "on~air". Actually it's more on why we are not on yet, which was planned for Nov. 15th and obviously did not make that projected date. I couldn't find anyone around here that could re-tune an antennae. Not your regular, garden variety, run-of-the-mill antennae though.

O.K. remember about 15 months ago, we had originally applied for 101.9. Our application with the FCC was listed that way, everything. Then the FCC decided we were to close to KUNK, south of us who operates on 101.9, even though our signals would never have interfered with each other  due to,distance, terrain and our low wattage transmission. The powers that be decided, in order to avoid a possible arbitration between two stations, we got bumped to 105.1 and our antennae got sent off for re-tuning. Should be back by the first week in Dec.


Our original on~air plan was New Year's Eve. Glad we changed it to earlier. Looks like with the delays, we may go on as we originally had planned. Complete with all the best laid plans. There is life that happens on a regular basis as well. For many years I thought I was doing "Life" for not paying attention. After almost two years it will be good to crack the sky and spin the hits. The long awaited and much talked about program schedule will make the Observer next week for sure. If you have mind to though, it can be found on our web site at WWW.KPFN.org. along with all the articles written over the last 16 months or so. Thanks for all the support on this one Laytonville, you are the best!
Kevin Marsh/KPFN

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