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All the Pieces to the Puzzle


Got a lot going on in the LP-FM world these days. At least in KPFN's little corner of the world. Finally sealed the deal on the tower we have been talking about having for the last few months. Well, it is officially ours. 96' of stainless steel and teflon. Pretty cool. Our studio package is on the way as well. KPFN has been holding a series of little fund drives. Tabling with T shirts and station information at the post office periodically the last month or so. A huge thanks to the Kate Wolf Music Festival and all of it's sponsors for the donation of all  the recycled aluminum,  bi-metal and crv plastic. ( if I hadn't mentioned it before?) It was thanks to that donation, along with donations from this community and the sale of our T shirts that enabled KPFN to acquire the last package required to go "on-air."

We definitely still have a ways to go!  We want to invite the rest of the world in to our little bubble. And have it available to "listen on-line" via the internet, There still seems to be a bit of confusion on the fact we are about to host TWO (2) radio stations here in Laytonville. KPFN are not the same ones who had the chili feed or the ones with jars at Gieger's market. That is not us.


I think I let everyone know we are planning a mid-Nov. target date for going on air. I am fairly sure that is still accurate. Again, we may be streaming live on the web before we go on the FM dial. We are definitely getting closer each day. I really want to thank the 25 or so people who are sitting by anxious to go "Live" with their "OWN" radio program. Most everyone keeps their music on a smart phone or I pod/pad or some electronic unit and that is all really cool. With the console we are going to be operating all those gadgets (USB/Bluetooth friendly) plug right in and your off. We have a built in music library of over 5,000 songs of every genre on the face of the earth built right into the console plus the private collections of all the individual programmers. A programmer could broadcast for months and never play a cd, tape or piece of vinyl (record). Pretty amazing piece of technology.

Our studio package consists of Stanton cd players and cd recorders, audio-technics turntables, Marantz recorders,audio-technica mics, KRS studio monitor speakers. Compaq music computers w/LG monitors. And just a bunch-A-stuff I can't remember right off. All I can do is thank this entire community for your assistance in this little push to "GO on-air". Thanks for all the support with all the business's underwriting. You are all just incredible. Thanks.
Kevin Marsh

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