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KPFN Station Up Grades


Talk about busy,,KPFN "The Puffin" 105.1-lpFM has been that,BUSY. Our finished wheel chair ramp , complete with a washed aggregate concrete advancement. Is finally finished and completely installed meeting all specs, pretty cool. KPFN also is extremely proud of our newly installed kitchen/lunch facilities. For about a year our coffee pot & espresso machine along with our micro wave and refrigerator . Has all been in storage awaiting our new reception area and lunch room. This week all are finally being installed. Quite a mission.

All of our merch finally came in. One festival late, but hey. It's in. We'll be set up at the post office one or two days next week with new tank tops, coffee cups, bumper stickers and round Puffin Logo stickers as well as "T" shirts, long sleeves & with a few hoodies left.

Our new computers are coming in as Joseph gets things rolled over into the Mac world for us. Our new stereo generator and mic processor gets installed this weekend, cleaner, stronger signal with no ambient noises. Such as fans and air conditioners. Voices from out side the peripheral realm of sound being aired through the microphone, things of the such.


Our talk show and guest positions are being up graded with there own seating area with in the programmer realm. Meaning our broadcasting area has enlarged to incorporate up to five guests at one time at the same table or desk as the DJ or engineer. All of this has been by definite design since our conception to accommodate the community and to bring them in more conveniently and comfortable in to "Their" radio station.

A wheel chair ramp, with complete hand cap access, a kitchen facility, a clean well kept rest room. An area to wash your hands and sit down in some manner of comfort not to distant from one's own home surroundings. Not to much to ask out of a community public radio station and we have been busting our what ever's around here to make it happen,and it is.We have tried to make KPFN a place where one actually looks forward to going to. When they wake up on the day of their show, they can not wait to get here. Every one shows up 15-20 minutes early just to "Be a part" of the radio world. Pretty cool, pretty cool. Baby steps everyone,,,soon be running.
Your the best Laytonville,many times over.
Kevin Marsh/vol.director/KPFN "The

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