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After what seems like a couple dozen for evers and then some, KPFN "the Puffin" 105.1-lpFM is finally going to crack the sky with going "ON-AIR". We could actually be on before the next edition of this paper comes out, very possible. A total electrical upgrade is in the installation process currently and as soon as that is complete. We go live. Looks like we are going on the WWW at the same time we go live on the FM dial. The term "Universal Access" is beginning to take on a whole new meaning. I'm starting to envision not just Laytonville having access to the out side world, but, the out side world is going to have a more direct access to Laytonville as well. Not to mention with the bypass going in around Willits. There will soon be four lanes from Tijuana Mexico to Laytonville with no stop signs or stop lights. Talk about having direct access to Laytonville!

We are growing folks. Maybe not so much growing, as in enlarging our area as so much as improving upon what we already have. There are a lot of new groups forming around here. More than ever before and I have been here for 26 years. New groups of new people with new idea's trying to better their way of life and yet remain a part of a culture that is as ancient as the hills themselves. Self sustainability nourished by peace and love with a ganja twist and a forerunner back, (maybe a Subaru these days). It's a beautiful thing actually. To hear the thoughts and dreams of young folks with babies. Absolutely no different than those sang about around the fire of a fresh 40 acre outdoor scene 35-40 years ago. You have not lived till you have survived at least one winter in a six mil visqueen palace. Delivering at least one kid at home on the couch or in a pile of any thing soft and fairly clean. By the light of a candle melted in to an empty bottle of Mattues. AAHHH, the sweet scent of yesteryear.


Speaking of new groups springing up in our area, Laytonville/Long Valley, there's a group calling themselves "Laytonville Tomorrow" that seem to be quite concerned with not only sustainability and watching our foot print, but, promoting community growth with more or less, self imposed restrictions or limits, on our selves, So to manage our resources better for a future that we will be leaving behind, a generation at a time. Using what we have, building it back up and passing it on to the next generation of Laytonvillian's fully stocked. Leaving it better than the way we inherited it and so forth in to the future. Certain restrictions bar us from growing area wise. But we can grow just by improving on what we have and remain who we have always been... Laytonville!

To learn more about " Laytonville Tomorrow", contact Jude Nagle. She's in the" New Settler" magazine this quarter. We'll throw a ton of flyers up around town and contact KMUD's news dept. to have an official announcement on KPFN going "ON-AIR".Thank you all so much for your patience and understanding with us on this. There's still room for any one who would like to have their own radio show, be it music, talk, straight commentary or simply your vision shared with a listening audience. There's room for everyone.Peace. Kevin Marsh/KPFN "the Puffin" 105.1-lpFM,Radio-Laytonville

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