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WOW! What a past week in this little ville. Ya gotta give it up for Weather Top nursery for that huge customer appreciation day. What a blast we all had. Was really great to see everyone coming out at once after a long no winter we just never had. We used to have winters. Anyway, I'm not a political kind of guy in any way. But, it was great to see KMUD down for the supervisors thing at the elementary school. I believe that was a first. Jack Fribulas was at the post office tabling with merch and KMUD info,Long John was at Geiger's for KPHT with info and.in the not so distant future KPFN will  be set up at the post office with merch & station information ourselves in a time tested, true process in communication with public mass's.

Fund raise!  Accepting donations,signing members,underwriting information for local business, merchants, organizations and generally making a public appearance for basically, the first time ever. We are trying to make that happen within the next few weeks. KMUD is still on a roll, so, we will let them get done with their pledge drive, let it rest a few days and casually make our appearance in town. As I have tried to explain periodically over the last 11-12 months. I have found it impossible, personally, to ask anybody for a dime till the station itself was first, an actual legal entity. With the the 501(c)3 non-profit, the federal govt.,the state of Cal.govt., the county of Mendocino govt. and the community of Laytonville's established rules,regulations and guidelines in doing business, govt. That was the first year in a three year plan..

The second requirement was to have acquired most, if not all of the required equipment AND a place to put it. ( most being the key word here) Slowly and surely, saving every penny along the way, with tons of help from some really great folks that have become our board of directors. We have been able to acquire the heart of any radio station, the transmitter package!  An FCC regulation tower for our antenna. Three quarters of our station. Through the sale of our merchandise, coming out soon, we like to think we will be able to acquire "The Brains" of the studio. The studio package. Ten channel board, studio monitor, speakers, computer, keyboard, monitor, mic, etc.


We will still need CD players, midi players, turn-tables and a few other items. Basically, we are around 5  grand away from going "ON-AIR" . Probably closer to seven.

That brings us to the third and final item I felt necessary to have acquired before going public. Something to offer the community for sale---merchandise,T shirts,Tank tops,shorts,etc.,etc. Again,we will be offering things up in a couple weeks. Thanks for all the calls about coming on air once we are up and running. All kinds of hidden talent around here! Please keep calling. It's great to hear from everyone. You can also reach me at bellaopusradio@gmail.com, www.KPFN.org or on Face Book.  Like to think we will see you all at" Wheels" this Saturday in a benefit  for Leighanna. Lots of great local talent, good fun as well as helping this girl get back on that horse!!  We could all be there so quick,so quick. Lets help out here if we can. Thanks peace /Kevin Marsh /Director /KPFN-'The Puffin"  ..

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