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FCC Filing Window Extended


If we were on air yet? Last weeks ommision to our usual LTE. Was our moment of silence for Laytonvilles daughter Susan Shields .We love you Susan

The fcc announced Oct.18th that they were extending the filing window for LPFM applicants. For those thinking about throwing their hat in the ring. There's another webinar on Thursday,Oct 24th. This is a call in and will be kept on the fcc's archive for access later on.

The window for filing opened the 15th of Oct, (though delayed 3 days) and will remain open till Nov.14th.Almost one month instead of two weeks,sounds better. You can listen in or contact them at www.fcc.gov. For more information you can contact Parul P. Desai at (202) 418.8217 or E mail him at Parul.Desai@fcc.gov. For press inquiries get a hold of Janice Wise at (202) 418.8165. Her E mail is Janice.Wise@fcc.gov.


Once again I would like to thank Nexus broadcast & communication of
Mt. Vernon Texas for the professional handling of the Bella Opus
radio-Laytonville application form-318 and getting us filed accordingly with the FCC. We patiently await our CP ( construction permit) which should follow within 90 to 180 days after the window closes Nov. 14th. This allows us to assemble the equipment and turn it into an actual radio station.

It's a new dawn,a new era,a new century. The 60's were a blast,the 70's brought us back,the 80's were filled with glam and bling and the 90's opened our eyes to what lay ahead. And,just like the 60's,70's and 80's. It will soon be officially time to leave the 90's behind. You will soon be able to do that by tuning to 101.9 fm Bella Opus Radio-Laytonville
Kevin Marsh

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