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The "Poet Tree" and the FCC


Not that the poet tree and the fcc have anything in common. I just failed to do my homework this week and only have a couple items to bring your way. The first being last Friday's presentation of "The Poet Tree" With John Trudell,  Dan Roberts and Linda Noel of Ukiah. Dan and Linda both were great openers for John's delivery of poetry and spoken word. I really want to thank everyone who came and donated what they thought the evening was worth.

Sixty-two donated.Some on the way in,some on the way out,some donated both ways. Many,many thanks to everyone on this one. Between Area 101 & Bella Opus. We were able to pay for the entire production,meals included and raised our first $500.00 scholarship. Pretty cool!!!!

Now to the fcc and being part of this govt. closure. I E-mailed Harold Day of Long Valley Radio Project and had to share a laugh with him,or a cry,or ????  after all these years of waiting to do this right and finally getting around to it. AND BANG!!!! The govt. goes on strike,closes the fcc and a ton of other offices around the country and globe no doubt. But right here is bad enough.


One of the big effects that hit a little guy,couple little guys. I know were not alone in this. If this is the worst that happens? I'm glad it's happening to me. I mean. I'll survive this as will most everyone else applying for an LPFM permit. At the worst. It will be delayed how ever long it takes. We do not have pay checks that are being held back,rents that never got payed,car payments,loans,kids. What a mess!. Life seems to go on here in Laytonville, we still had the farmers market,the observer went out on time. We did run out of bananas at the park-N-takit.Mary Jane does wonders with mango's though.
More on radio next week,thanks a lot.
Kevin Marsh

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