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London Calling/ The BBC Turns 90 Years Old


Nov. 14th 1922 shot Europe into the arena of radio. With the first daily radio service code named 2LO by the BBC, the British Broadcasting Corporation. The current head muck over thier was some monarch named George the 5th. He got hip to the powers of radio and mass communication real quick. Millions of people heard his voice opening the Wembley exhibit. All of London came to a halt in mid-day to hear him on these huge speakers set up all over town. He was real chummy with the BBC. Until four years latter. When him and the BBC bumped heads with things over "Editorial independence". Which was the catalyst for "The General strike" of 1926.

The muckity-mucks (Govt.) wanted to be in charge of what was said to whom and when and how. The BBC said no way dudes and dudettes. Were gonna be ratting you guys out forever and telling the truth to EVERYONE all the time and this is how were gonna do it. Mucks don't like it when you steal their thunder.


They (BBC) been standing up to their version of the FCC since it's conception in 1922. Even today.One of the biggest news lines on radio in Europe is about the BBC going head-to-head with the Kings court "Ethics Comity" . Or is it the Queens court. Read QB7 by Leon Uris it's all in there.  Doesn't matter.Any place on the face of the earth anymore.There is a government waiting to take whatever you have, that they don't have. Away. Especially if you happen to have an idea. Governments don't like for their population to have idea's.That means they have been thinking and they know what happens when people start thinking. Think about it.Thanks for tuning in the last couple months. More next week on "The invention of radio" with. "Noise & the human history there of" Remember, we got John Trudell coming back Oct 4th at Area 101.Check out John Trudell & Bella Opus radio both  on facebook.Peace.
Kevin Marsh/Bella Opus

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