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Finding Our Own in a Time of Radio


Laytonville is coming around and soon to make another mark in this ever changing orb we are balancing our selves upon. Or, at least be able to be found on the FM radio map, or dial. KPFN 105.1 will be going "Live on-air" on or before Nov. 15th of this year. About another five or six weeks. As Jerry and the kids used to say," What a long strange trip it's been"?

All the pieces to the puzzle have been carefully selected over the last year and a half and organized in studio "A" to where it slightly resembles a cock-pit of a 747 with everything turned on. Everything is brand new, top of  the line selected pieces of equipment from the world's most respected dealers in the business. We have been testing and retesting and broadcasting within the confines of studio's "A" & "B" for a couple weeks now and will soon be connecting to our transmitter & antennae via, what is called an STL or. Studio (or station) transmitter link. [Slot "A" in to slot "A-1" so to speak.]

There are a number of ways this can be accomplished. Ours is the simplest and most economical, due to the close proximity of  the transmitter  being housed near to the station's broadcast studio. As well as the fact we are broke and was actually by design. I want to thank all of the local and not so local business's that have signed on as our underwriters.  We like to think we'll serve you long and well!   High school rock band is blowing it out again this year, WOW!!!! What a group of extremely talented musicians! Hogan rocks!  I mean that cat rocks.  KPFN fall and winter schedule will be posted next week in the" Observer" and will be up on Facebook as well as WWW.KPFN.ORG.  I have no idea why we are not going to have L.s.T shirts, hoodies and sweats at the Autumn 101 art dealee-O coming up on the when ever it is? But it sounds like a good gig to be attending.


I like to think I will never be forgetting to thank you all Laytonville. The last year and a couple months have been a learningcurve like no one could believe. Seriously, everything learned between all the engineers(10-11) at KPFN is fresh, new and at the highest level of available technology in the business. As is all the equipment. As are all the programmers thoughts and dreams that will be forming the very heart and soul of KPFN.  We will offer a blues, jazz, rock, fusion of all genres across the globe. Predominately centered around a time in FM radio that spanned the years from 1959 through 1975 before FM radio got to commercialized and paid most of their attention on the beat artists of the time. The poets from the village and the west coast sound of early American rock-n-roll boiling over with blues from not just the delta. But, Kansas city, Chicago. Through the British invasion, Beatlemania, Kent State and Woodstock. A time when the DJ was hardly ever heard and music reigned supreme on the air waves. Complete albums, extra long instrumentals and you knew every word. When every song was "felt" not just heard. Music we lived and formed our lives by! Along with the non-stop music being turned out today by more artists than we ever dreamed of. The new releases coming out every day are unreal. It truly is such a beautiful thing to be a part of. Thanks Laytonville, for the opportunity to provide a little something of our own, we have simply been doing with out.
Kevin Marsh
KPFN/The "Puffin"

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