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High Time We Went


Not only is the title of this article a great line from a great song by a great singer ( Joe Cocker) and a great song writer Lee Michaels. BUT!!! It is also what time it is getting around to be at KPFN 105.1. And that is "It's high time we went on the air". Yeah baby, Nov. 15th has been our target date for the last six month. We are running exactly two weeks behind schedule due to my mission back east for a couple weeks.

Ray was busy with a seeding project out at the Hog Farm. Evidently, when the helicopters would take off and land out there during the Lodge fire, it would blow all the natural seeds away and leave barren patches of land with no grass coming back. I guess that is all taken care of now and Rock Star Ray will be back in the station soon. We've been testing and retesting and testing again every piece of equipment obtained. Actually,,, testing ourselves with the use of everything, so we can begin teaching others. Will be checking our transmitter and frequency by actually broadcasting tests over the air waves. This could go from a few seconds to a full broadcasting day, or any part of it. So, we could be up and running and officially go "on-air" Dec. 1st or any day between now and then. We will definitely let you know in advance.

Anybody make it the Autumn art walk? Pretty cool!  It was really nice to see the beautiful idea Tara Bluecloud has envisioned for so many years, kept alive. I like to think she'll be back next year back fresh and new. Thanks Healthy Start and all those who kept it going this year. The talent was seriously off the hook! All of that right from Laytonville. Truly amazing. And that is what KPFN is all about when it comes to getting Laytonville heard through it's musicians. The voices and opinions and dreams that keep us alive as a community. Were still in the wilderness folks. How many times have you had to explain to some body about some thing and the reason is,,," Because we live in a remote area".


Talking to anyone living and working in a 24 hour a day city has no concept of what  "living in a remote area" even means. This is actually pretty cool. Most times you get a chance to enlighten some folks when they ask. "Oh yeah, where's that"?  Speaking of living in remote and isolated places, which again, is right here where we live, work & play. My good friend and long time buddy Mr. Rainbow Mountainwalker passed away this past week or so. Rarely do we ever get a chance to ever meet a more caring and loving human being. This man's very reason for being was to help others. He never questioned why he was put here. He knew exactly why he was put on this earth and that was to find new ways to help other people.

I have known Rainbow for over 25 years, he was the "Bee Dude" at all the gigs out at Black Oak  Ranch and at Reggae On The River. He located nests  of bee's and yellow jackets and wasps and dealt with even the bee's in the kindest way he could. All of us who had the great honor of knowing Rainbow and were able to call him friend and maybe spent a little time with him. Your life and all of ours is that much more enriched for having had a part of Rainbow Mountainwalker in our lives. When he first heard about KPFN. His first words were and I quote, " O.K., Now Kev. What we gotta do is get organized and do a show on behalf of the homeless in not just this community but,,,Now I'm serious Kev,"

He's right and we will. Thanks Laytonville.  As the ad reads---
"coming soon to radio near you"
Kevin Marsh
KPFN105.1/The Puffin

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