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Rock-N-Roll/ Our DNA


It literally goes without saying. Rock-n-roll is in our DNA. It has made us who we are.Quite literally in every sense of the word. It is easier to say how many things in your life was "NOT" determined by rock-n-roll than how many that were. Your girl-friend,your wife,the birth of your children. Which way your going to turn at the stop sign by what's on the radio when you hit the on button. To many times in our lives has a thought instantly coincided with the words of a song that was on when you thought that particular thought.

Anytime something instantly happens to you or to someone around you or even maybe someone you just happen to hear about for the first time. When anything happens at all,instantly after an action of any kind. Our first thought is "Instant Karma's gonna get you" Good or bad,that's our thought. It's mine I know that. Anything at all that happens in our lives we relate to a song or a verse in a song or the meaning or the song. Something somehow is always related to a song.

Again,it is to me. Course I have complete symphonies going of in my head 24 hrs a day,every single day of my life. A song, a word,a combination of words and sounds. Complete with cymbals constantly crashing into the most beautifully colored crescendo's I can taste. I was born in the year of our creator 1956. The year Alan Freed first coined the term "Rock-N-Roll" on some station in Philadelphia that I can't remember the name of right off. No,it was at a dance-A-thon the station was hosting or something like that.

It's in my DNA. It's who I am and a countless many more of us. I was 11 years old when they burned the bank in Berkley and marched on the recruiting center. I painted flowers on my face and marched barefoot and bell-bottomed down the Haight during the summer of love to the anthem of "Volunteers of America". I know who I am and where I came from. I smoked my first joint when I was nine years old with my older brother Mike back in Ill. Then again not till I was 11 and pretty steady every since. Fortunate thing about that is that everybody else was also,so. No matter where you went in this country hitch-hiking around you were always in the finest of  company. No matter where you ended up back then you were safe,fed and stoned,most of the time. There were some ugly turns along the way for all of us.


BUT!!! We all have to admit.No matter how rough it got out there,no matter how cold or desolate we felt. There was always our music,a song,a verse from a song that we could and did hold onto that would not allow us to go back to wherever it was we left..And some how? Things turned out alright,seems if we held on to what we knew was right. What ever "IT" was and our music. It all turned out fine,every time. These songs we kept with us over the years has made us who we are. How we feel about everything within our world. How and what we teach our children.

It was almost impossible when any of my children asked me something while they were growing up.To not have answered  them without using a verse from a song and always sang the answer to them. I always gave them a harmonious answer to their questions. I delivered my daughter Keoma at home on the couch listening to Pink Floyd's Echoe's.My wife and I's wedding song was the Car's "Let the Good Times Roll."

Needless to say,Bella Opus radio-Laytonville will be totally saturated with Rock-N-Roll. The finest rock-n-roll imaginable direct from those who've lived it,from those who made it. Most everyone involved with Bella Opus is either a musician,producer,promoter,DJ,distributor or directly affiliated with the music industry at some aspect in their lives if not currently,which most are.And,what's what anyway? The Rolling Stones are touted as the greatest Rock-N-Roll band in the world.Maybe? I worked one of their shows once(thanks Bob),not a bad bunch of lads. But,if you ask the Stones themselves,they're a blues band that plays jazz to the point it sounds like Rock-N-Roll.
Kevin Marsh/Bella Opus

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