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An Open Congratulations


Bella Opus/KPFN would like to extend an open congratulations to the Long Valley Radio Project/KPHT/99.9 of Laytonville/long valley for receiving their CP ( construction permit),from the fcc, congratulation's  guys.

KPFN  has been advised that our frequency of 101.9 is not available after 3 months of letting the world know who we are. It will most likely be in the 104 to the 105 range. Problem with 101.9 is that two days after we filed for it.KUNK to the south of us filed for an upgrade and received it seeings how they are already an established station.They held a president.  No problem.Good on them!!! Of all the problems that could arise. That is not one of them.


The nexus corp. has completed their contract with Bella Opus. We are acquiring our equipment (slowly). A piece at a time,but. acquiring none the less. There are a couple gigs currently in the works and you will all be the first to know who,what,where & when. Thanks Laytonville. Your the best,simply the best.
Kevin Marsh/Bella Opus/KPFN

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