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[pt. 2 of an ongoing segment being written and archived for & by KPFN "the Puffin" 105.1 fm]

    We as a species, have been gifted. Literally, with everything we could possibly need in the course of our life. And remember,we were created to live longer than the redwoods. We were designed by creation to live forever. Due to an entirely different,(yet same story). In a little over two thousand years we have reduced our gifted being  to barely an average of a little over 70 years if were lucky. Our intelligence seems to have gone by the way side as well from time to time throughput the generations. Each one gaining and regressing both.

We can visibly see,with our own eyes,right in front of us. What is happening to the puffin. As well as a great number of species including ourselves. But,when it comes to saying that we are killing ourselves. People have  tendencies  to look the other way or simply disagree, knowing it's the truth. You can see the cliffs eroding, therefore no home for the puffin to return to and raise offspring. No food because of the pollution. No puffins because of the navy exploding stupid bombs in their faces when they dive 200 feet for food. We may have missed going over to Ft. Bragg in mass last Thursday to place a complaint with the dept. of the navy about their under water testing they have planned. But, you can still do so via the internet at their own web site if you've a mind to?


The navy is just another arm of the u.s. govt. and like the u.s. govt.. They are going to do what they want no matter what any tree hugger from Mendo has to say. I have hugged many-A-tree in my life. Also, I did ask them politely not to kill the two puffins we are adopting ( Bella & Opus) just in case. We have to look around and realize we are killing ourselves. More and more homes are lost to erosion every year. Mainly due to rising tides and what's the reason for that? Can't drink the water,breathe the air or any of the stuff humans used to do. And on and on and on,,,, See as humans we know we have to adapt,we have to.Puffins don't know that,they're just puffins. Out there doing what puffins do.

Things are progressing nicely towards going "on-air". It is surprising how much paper work and filing and getting the right piece to the right person at the right time, unreal. But, once it's done and as you go along getting all your pedigree's that get framed and go on the wall is pretty cool. I am thinking that the entire reading audience has gotten the general drift by now, that we are puffins. At least at KPFN home of the Puffin here in Laytonville. Being a member of an endangered species I want to encourage everyone to go lightly with the human foot print thing and engage all that hippie stuff to the max.. Peace/love & all the music you can imagine!.
Kevin Marsh

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